Divorced Without an Annulment? Why Do You Have An Online Dating Profile?

If you are divorced without an annulment, you have no business having an online dating profile.


How “Bob”  Allowed the Devil to Deceive Him

A client of mine, let’s call him “Bob”, before he knew better,  committed a grave sin.

Even though he was divorced, and did not yet have an annulment,  he began to dabble in online dating.

Bob created a dating profile and thought to himself,  “I’ll just find some  friends who have something in common with me and we can hang out”.

He did make some “friends”.

How long do you think those friendships stayed in the realm of friendship?

Not very long.

You see, if you’re lonely and you start meeting attractive members of the opposite sex, it won’t be long  until conversation turns to  hugging,  smooching, and other things  you shouldn’t be doing.

I tell you, the devil can really play with our minds.

You want excuses, he’ll give them to you.

The excuse was that since he was feeling lonely,  it would be better to have some  sort of platonic relationship with the opposite sex, than to fall into sins of impurity, like masturbation.

Since he had no intentions of having sexual intercourse with the ladies, he figured that doing a little petting, was better than masturbating at home.

Like, I said,  the devil  can really play with  your mind.

How many of you have had similar thoughts?

Dabbling in online dating without  an annulment is playing with fire – hellfire.

Remember, if you do not have an annulment,   you are still married and even if you don’t actually have sex with your online dates, you are still being unfaithful  to your marriage.

Even if you are 98% sure you will get an annulment because your priest said so, you are still committing adultery.

What Do You Do When a Charming Man or Woman Contacts You Online

Ask them for their marital status.

What you do after that depends on their answer:

Scenario 1
You: Are you single?
She/him: Annuled
You:  Okay.  So, how are you?

Scenario 2:
You: Are you single?
She/Him:   Divorced
You:  Do  you have an annulment?
She/Him: Yes. 
You: Okay.  So how are you?

Scenario 3:
You: Are you single?
She/Him:   Divorced
You:  Do  you have an annulment?
She/Him: No.
You:  Have a nice life.  Goodbye.

How Do You Stay Chaste When You’re Lonely & Struggling With Temptation

So how do you stay chaste when you’re lonely?

Pray my friends.   Pray very hard.

Immerse yourself in prayers that are there specifically for purity.

Attend daily Mass if possible.

Get thee a cord of St  Thomas Aquinas.

Do what you have to do to remain in a state of grace.

May God give you strength.


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