How to Handle a Woman’s Rejection

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How to Handle a Woman’s Rejection

How to handle a woman's rejection

How does a man handle a woman’s rejection?

Fear of rejection is one of the more common fears out there. Yet, if you are a man looking for a spouse, you will encounter rejection many times.

This video was originally an FB Live that I uploaded to YouTube. It covers how to handle a woman’s rejection.

This video  is mostly addressed to men because women shouldn’t be pursuing men anyway.  This automatically eliminates 90% of a woman’s rejection possibility.

However, women can be rejected in other ways such as during a breakup, so if you’re a woman, watch this video too.


Topics Covered

How to know you’re being rejected: Believe  or not one often experiences “mini-rejections”.  Learn the signs of these mini-rejections so won’t be taken by surprise, when the big rejection comes.

How not to take the rejection personally: When someone rejects you, don’t  take it personally. There is a pot for every lid.

What have you learned from the rejection?  Is there anything you learned that you can apply to your next courtship?

How not to the attached to the outcome: Get into the habit of thinking, “next” – not in a callous way  but with the excitement of new possibilities.


Make sure to  give me your thoughts on the video!

Happy Courting!


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