Poll: Is It Immodest for a Man to go Shirtless on the Beach?

Is It Immodest for a Man to go Shirtless on the Beach?

We’ve all seen countless topics on modesty, but I bet some of you have not seen any topics on men going shirtless on the beach.

How’s that for a twist?

What do you think? Take the poll below.

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Results page here.

Some don’t see anything wrong with a man going topless at a beach because women, they claim, are not tempted sexually as men are. Some say women too have struggles with impurity and seeing a man shirtless on the can be a problem.

Often the question is met with accusations of puritanical thinking.

I wonder if it’s a generational divide?

What are your thoughts?

Comment below.


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2 thoughts on “Poll: Is It Immodest for a Man to go Shirtless on the Beach?

  1. benaiah juma

    This is mostly caused by the way the child is revised and what she is exposed to at an early age. As we know, the biggest influence on kids is television. Most parents don’t both to control what their kids are watching and learning. For instance some music videos are not appropriate for children because it has become a nude affair, and since it is played in the minds of these kids, they begin to think it is normal and acceptable especially when no adult is preventing them from watching and telling them it is not right.
    Parents and older siblings also have to be careful with their own dressing because kids tend to emulate the old ones. Another thing that worries me is that fact that some mothers are actually the ones who buy these clothes for their young daughters. They are the ones that even tell then the names like, daisy dukes, tank tops, halters, strapless, British cores, hipster, low waist jeans that shows the crack of the butt e.t.c.

    1. Cynthia Burley Post author

      Right. Upbringing is important. Sometimes, the upbringing is on point, but the child does his or her own thing, once grown. 🙁


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