3 Reasons Why You Should Pray for Your Future Spouse

Have you ever considered praying for your future spouse?  Yes, I mean have you yet prayed for the man or woman that you have yet to meet.  Sounds a bit crazy doesn’t it?  Well, let me give you three reasons why you should pray for your future spouse.

Three Reasons You Should Pray for your Future Spouse

1) You Get Into the Habit of Sacrificing for Someone Else

Marriage involves sacrifice.  Sometimes you have to deny your own needs in order for the marriage to work.

Women sacrifice their wills by submitting to their husbands.  Men are called to sacrifice and love their wives as Christ loved the Church.

Might as well get used to it now!

2) You Are Already Helping Your Spouse to Get to Heaven

One of the purposes of marriage is to help your spouse get to heaven.  Why not start praying for the salvation of your future spouse’s soul even now?

• Pray that God helps your spouse to stay in a state of grace.

pray for your future spouse

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• Pray for God to bring your spouse closer to Him

I read somewhere about a man who had prayed for his future spouse.  Years after he had married his spouse,  he was looking through his journal and found the entries where he was praying for his spouse.  Out of curiosity, he asked her what she had been doing at the time.

Apparently, the young woman had been rebelling against God. It was a time of spiritual darkness for her, but somehow she was delivered from that lifestyle.

Who is to say the her husband’s prayers did not aid her in her conversion?

3) Invite God into Your Decision Making

Choosing a spouse is a very grave responsibility and one that should not be done without God.

Shouldn’t God be involved in something so amazing as your sacramental marriage?

Also, when you invite God into your decision making, you will have more of an open mind when your actual spouse crosses your path.

I hope these three reasons show you why you should pray for your spouse.

Scripture tells us that we should pray without ceasing. We have a myriad of prayer requests. Why not pray for something as important as finding a spouse?

Mother Teresa: I used to believe prayer changes things, but now I know prayer changes us and we change things.

So let’s go out there and change things!

Check out this talk I did on praying for your spouse.

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